Isla Blanca Boat Party

January 29, 2022
2:00 pm
The Boat
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Isla Blanca is the result of a relentless dedication to bringing through a fresh generation of talent to Ibiza. The label is a new journey from boss and founder Lukaz Mac who holds an impeccable reputation for materialising whatever vision he holds his impenetrable belief on. Isla Blanca Records is set to embody the energy of the island’s club dance floors, centering on music that is fiercely dynamic, innovative and technically precise.

Lukaz has been a rapid force on the island serving the industry through his widely recognised and respected Mac repair service. Having formed several strong relationships through his venture with musical authorities, green lighting his own production methods and music, he quickly spotted the opportunity for working closely to provide the space for newcomers tenacious to contribute to the scene. Isla Blanca is defined by its devotion to the evolution of electronic music – on the island that is the mecca for any serious artist. The label is searching for those who are unstoppable to do the same.